And then there was light, but all I saw… men, as trees, walking

27 Mar

Family–to be face to face with people all day long, for most of our lives. Beautiful, awful human beings that we are, all together in a covenanted unit. Whatever that looks like for each one of us, it definitely heats up the growth and learning. Can’t help but face up to all those sins of error and omission the liturgy brings up for us to confess. No, that’s not the right phrase-that’s a liability insurance expression. But it’ll do, basically the same as “what we’ve done and left undone.” Yeah, errors and omissions. But the insurance in this realm is grace, from God, and from family and other folk. Thank God for that.

Back when we were newlyweds, we hosted a church home group with some other young folks–a couple and five singles. Two marriages came out of that community. Including Linda and Bob. “What? Oh, we’re just friends! Me and Bob? Ha ha ha!” Mark was the one who asked, saw it before I did. They were in their early thirties, a few months into marriage, when Linda shared up front how she was learning so much, had realized how selfish she really was. After a year or so, they conceived a daughter, and then Bob, a truck driver, was crushed when a truck rolled on him. Before he even met his little girl. Linda, grieving, was soon sharing again of God’s mercy. Severe mercy, C.S. Lewis would say.

I’ve never suffered so. Is that because the Divine Creator has a different kind of learning process for me? One with just the right balance of bringing me near my limits, and letting me get the point of the exercise? More light, please, but how about not all at once, like Linda had. Light shone in the darkness for her, and the darkness did not put it out.


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