How to wash plastic bags

29 Apr
How to wash plastic bags

I’ve washed used plastic bags for years, but I’m finally coming out publicly with it. Here’s how to do it without creating a greasy mess and getting bags dry in and out before they start to stink:

  1. Set some nice taper candles in holders near your sink on a surface that can take drips. They’ll look nice when you aren’t using them for…you’ll see what later.
  2. Don’t put plastic bags in dish water, or they’ll attract dirty grease and be hard to get clean. Putting the bags in water will also get them unnecessarily wet on their clean-enough outsides. Just set them by the sink until you’re ready to wash them.
  3. Turn your bag inside out on one hand, poking out the corners with fingers.
  4. Use a soapy cloth or soap-filled wand (my favorite method) and wipe all over, then rinse.
  5. Set each bag over a candle to dry for a few hours, turn right side out, and dry again of that side got wet. They away they go into your drawer or recycling bin!
I think these look prettier than bag drying racks.

I think these look prettier than bag drying racks.

Zip bags are especially easy to wash–I reuse them over and over, and have never had a problem with germs. I’ve recently begun washing all plastic bag food packaging for recycling. I have a spot for them in my recycling nook.

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