Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

29 May

I was substitute teaching in a seventh grade health class, about half way through the period, when a boy came to the open door and stood there. Serious, open, intelligent face, black rimmed glasses, paper mustache, vest and necktie, holding an empty ceramic coffee cup. Looking like a principal dropping by to observe for a few moments–a nice, supportive principal. I waited for him to reveal his purpose, eyebrows asking. He stood there. “May I help you?” I asked, after a bit.

“I’m looking for a person. And I’m here to learn.”

“Excellent. we’re working on AIDS and HIV information–come on in.”

And he was bright–listening, lightening up behind the eyes occasionally, nodding, participating. A bright light.

I’m so thankful that school hasn’t quenched that light, that parents and teachers have done their good work, and hopeful that I can feed the fire, as well as kindle, re-kindle, more fires of learning and growth. Lovely, just lovely.

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