What I like about my house

24 Jul
What I like about my house
  • It’s small enough not to lose family members and pets in. Usually I can keep track of my purse and keys too.
  • It’s small enough not to take long to clean.
  • There aren’t any upper windows out of which to fall and get hurt.
  • It’s small enough not to have a high property tax valuation.
  • It has a dishwasher. I love that.
  • It has more than one bathroom now, which is great, because we are six people.
  • It has a beautiful new master bathroom that my hubby built and I tiled.
  • I tiled the other one too, and tile is very easy to maintain, and lasts longer than houses, even. Mold-resistant grout, too.
  • It’s small enough that when the kids move out, we won’t have to downsize.
  • The walls are decorated with my dad’s and my children’s artwork.
  • It has little storage, so we are not very tempted to accumulate too much stuff. If we do, I sneak some off to the storage unit and try to chip way at the contents in private.
  • It’s not very near large, expensive houses, so I don’t feel pressured to hire a landscaping company to keep up the yard.
  • It has a huge yard for gardening and playing, and setting up tents to create extra rooms in the summer.
  • It has oak floors throughout, which I am refinishing. Even if I do a lousy job, the wood itself will be beautiful.
  • It has lots of windows to let light in, and view the trees, garden, and kids playing.
  • In the front yard are towering evergreens, which keep us from ever getting overheated in the late afternoon.
  • All the bedrooms have closets.
  • We have lots of bookcases full of books (the only furniture we bought new except the bunk beds.
  • Most of the furniture is second hand or borrowed, so if we come into money we can ditch it quick and redecorate. Except I really like shopping second hand, so it still won’t look like a Costco showroom.
  • I have wonderful neighbors on three sides, with whom I can share vegetables, eggs, news, and others things. The others aren’t so bad, because they help me practice my conflict resolution skills.
  • It has a garage with a vaulted roof, and when it rains it sounds tremendously cozy.
  • It’s painted a cheerful sunshine yellow color. I still like that, though I might like to change that this year.
  • It’s close to the community pool, so getting the kids to swim lessons and summer team has always been low stress. I can also visit my friends when their kids have lessons, or invite them over for a cup of coffee afterwards.
  • We have good, heavy patio furniture that doesn’t blow away in windstorms (like the glass tabletops used to do).
  • The soil has lots of clay, which is rich in nutrients and holds water. We never have to water our lawn to keep it green like the neighbors who bought soil.
  • We have two refrigerators and a deep freeze for all the berries, bulk food, and homemade cheesecakes I like to keep on hand.
  • The ceilings are not very high, so it’s easy to repaint them.
  • My husband and I live there with our children, and none of them has left for college yet. We also have two dogs, two cats, a budgie, three chickens, and numerous fish.
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