Coming soon

06 Aug
Coming soon

Thank you for staying connected with my blog, still (as you know) eclectic, ad-free and irregular. I do have the goal of a regular writing/posting schedule, since that seems to work well for readers. Several posts are in the works–one on the value of the home maker, several on the challenge of parenting kids in the realm of web/digital tech time management, a few others. Will have more time next week to finish and refine. I’m still sanding, sanding, sanding my floors, walking behind thehumming machine with dust mask and big ear protectors on, and the work is so monotonous that my mind runs on a different track. Between sandings I plop down and write  few lines, breathing heavily, my dust mask pushed up on sweaty forehead, hair sticking out sideways from the elastic above my ponytail. How I long to have my house back in order, and some time to do normal things again.

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