12 Sep

“What curriculum do you use?” she asked.
“I make a very thick tomato sauce, which takes thyme
and oregano.” I said. That’s how I start September,
and we put the garden to bed.

“In October, at ten o’clock in the morning,
we watch the starlings graze on the lawn
through the glass doors at the back of the house.
If we can, we draw a picture of a thrush
or just some flowers on the table.

In November, we sit and read various things,
Preferring Frost and Kipling to Stevenson.
On gusty days the children ask for plastic bags and string for kites
Which only fly on the level, but so do the children when they run with them.

In December, we gather boughs and make wreaths
with grapevines and a good bit of wire,
fill the advent tree my brother made in his shop with chocolate kisses
and try to catch up on the days already passed.

In January, I knit while we watch swim races
inhaling chlorine aroma from the steamy stands
to the sound of cheering.

In February we gather for tea (two kinds) at Lynnette’s,
and a sharing of books, but the boys prefer to play outside with light sabers
while we visit in the upper room, where the sun comes in even in winter.

And so on, with an abundance of books, and trying to behave ourselves,
using up last summer’s jam, petting cozy cats,
and unloading armfuls of food and socks from the store.
Mail comes, email goes, and we take more pictures

And finally, we mow our lawn to give an orderly appearance.


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