All the wrong reasons to push our kids into institutionalized, standardized, centralized, professionalized, multiculturalized, secularized, age-grouped schools

17 Sep
  • So all of them will turn out above average.
  • To keep up in knowledge and skills with evil people who might steal our resources or beat us in war.
  • To free up parents be able to go to work at something more meaningful and productive.
  • To allow busy parents to escape the demands of children for a good chunk of each day.
  • Mass production is more efficient.
  • To get them socialized properly.
  • To acquaint them with the “real world” with its bad leaders, bullies, social pressures, deadlines, sacrificing personal for group goals, and system of extrinsic rewards.
  • Everyone else for the last two or three generations has done the same thing, so it must be a good idea.
  • To keep children from having too much time to themselves.
  • To standardize shopping seasons for convenient stocking, advertising, staffing, and inventory cycles.
  • To expand markets for goods promoted through peer socialization.
  • To keep children from spending most of their time with relations and people not not their own age.
  • So little boys will learn to sit still and do things they don’t feel like doing.
  • To keep public library books from getting overused.
  • To keep teens from having too much free time in which to get into trouble.
  • To create more jobs for lunch room staff, registrars, counselors, playground attendants, record keepers, bus drivers, curriculum advisers, administrators, text book publishers, portrait photographers, and others necessary to an institutional setting.
  • To provide easily accessible research material for scholars and market researchers.
  • To water down religious ideas and practices.
  • Because there is a specific body of knowledge that all children should learn at each age, and/or a constantly changing body of essential knowledge best determined by industry, government, and special interest groups.
  • Without school there would be no recess.
  • Schools are where all the teachers are.
  • We’ve already got the public school system going, so why not keep it going so as not to waste all that momentum?
  • To keep children’s immunization status current.
  • Classrooms are the best places to learn most everything.

Can you think of any more?


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