An attempt at poetry. I can’t help it after reading Octavio Paz

09 Oct

After lessons, to which I had to pull and push him,
coax and reason, and finally shame and threaten,
I released him to his pile of adventures
and went and picked apples, pruned out dead wood
threw away broken toys and debris in the watery sunshine.

An hour cleared my head
(though I had to organize engine fluids and parts and pile pipes
and scoop dog crap).

After that I made blueberry muffins with coconut oil instead of butter
And they were exquisite (in my opinion);
but still, one daughter objected to the coconut.
The other poured ribbons of honey on top.

Before bed I helped another son to sketch out an essay.
I went to bed early
with a fat volume of the poems of Octavio Paz.


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