Inventions of my ten-year old

11 Oct
  • The bean date. This tradition arose when he was only five. I enjoy canned beans, and didn’t feel like cooking, so I invited him to have a bean date, and he was thrilled. We continue to invite each other periodically on bean dates. We pour a can into a bowl, microwave it, and eat with forks.
  • Emergency dice pouch. For when he’s away from home and suddenly needs a set. He invented a role-playing game using dice which even his seventeen-year-old brother and friends enjoy playing. It can be played anywhere–it’s all by voice.
  • Belted swim trunks. In case they start to slip when he’s going extra fast or gets hit by a wave, he wears a leather belt around the outside of his swim trunks (in addition to the drawstring). His sisters are not amused, and beg me to make him take it off. I tell them it won’t last forever, guaranteed.
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Posted by on October 11, 2013 in Parenting & Family


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