Pee Pot Chronicles #2: No progress after Week 1

19 Dec

Continued from Urine, You’re On!

The morning after my resolution to build and deploy an environmentally friendly urine depository for the “master” bathroom. I sit in my usual spot, and look at the only corner where there’s room for it. And I hear the “Change back!” voices. They say, “What? Mom, no one does that!” It is all in my head, as I haven’t shared my plans in an I mean it” kind of way. I feel tension, but still a little boldness, and I breathe, thinking, “I made a commitment, and I’m going through with it. All beginnings are hard.” The last is from Chaim Poyok, In the Beginning.

Speaking of master bedroom, sounds biblical, as in masters of creation. I always took that as like in Jesus’ parables, in which, when the real master comes home, the temporary master–the steward–gets in deep do-do if he hasn’t been taking care of the vineyard and paying fair wages. So this will be an appropriate master bedroom project. I am responsible for what I know.

Yet here it is Thursday and I have done nothing but think. I realize I have been unrealistic to add in a new project at this time, while I am helping at swim meets, refinishing cabinets, making hats and doing extra shopping and wrapping. Still, if I have time I’ll go to the ReStore this weekend and look for a suitable bench to modify. I have disappointed myself.


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