The more I hang around horses, the more I come under their spell

25 Apr
The more I hang around horses, the more I come under their spell

20140419-2252 GMGMy daughter has been inviting me into her horse world. She leases a lovely twenty-two-year-old mare named Lucy who knows how to do everything, and is willing, but has enough spirit to be interesting. My neighbor’s daughter also leases, so we moms share the twenty-minute commute so our daughters can ride three days a week, including a weekly ongoing lesson with the owner. They do chores for the use of her tack as we gradually help them buy their own. They ride in the arena and on trails, practice for shows in English and Western styles, participate in the 4-H club associated with the barn, and build friendships with both older and younger girls. This has been a wonderful activity for my daughter, who is very kinesthetic, hardworking, and intuitive, and who has had a special interest in caring for animals from early on. This has been my first regular contact with these beautiful, impressive, mysterious animals. I’m pretty intimidated by horses I don’t know, but am comfortable helping my daughter groom and do a few other minor tasks. Mainly I fetch and carry, and of course buy. It’s a neat way to spend time with her, to see her connect with the animals and the other riders.

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