How not to be diplomatic

26 Nov

How could I have been so dumb? The staff in the high school in which I have been subbing was really liking my work, appreciating how I knew the content, kept the ball rolling for the teacher on sick leave, related to the students and other teachers. Every day I’d check in with the principal’s secretary (who keeps the sub keys hanging in her office, a nice way to touch base each morning), and she was warm, appreciative, and yesterday let me know I was a safe bet for the regular sub list and a good candidate for future openings.

But today on the way to school I listened to an interview with Betty Krawczyk, who explained why in protesting the advance of the Kinder Morgan pipeline work in Burnaby Mountain, it was unthinkable to apologize for one’s actions just to be released from jail. Fresh from fist pumping and cheering her as I parked in the school lot, I came in to pick up my key from the secretary. And didn’t I just go and mention that I’d listened to an “inspirational” interview, and summarize what it was about, to that nice, conservative secretary, on whom I depend for my reputation thereabouts? And didn’t she look startled and even disappointed? So I added, “Not that I’m like that..,” which was extremely lame, and too late, and even a kind of betrayal of my heroine’s values, which I had acted like I shared.

As I walked down the hall, I regretted more the last comment than anything else, my dissociating myself from the actions of someone I admired. She sets an example to which I aspire, or some form of it–even in the work I hope to do as a public school teacher. And so be it. I think in this town there’s a place for a teacher with environmentalist views. And to think I used to be nervous about being mistaken for a young Earth creationist, so would purposely neglect to certain studies and activities in my resume.



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One response to “How not to be diplomatic

  1. jdawgsrunningblog

    November 27, 2014 at 6:15 am

    Good one—have been there on that as well–hopefully you won’t dwell too much on it—and you’ll realize it’s all so much water under the sinking bridge(s). Just keep being cheerful and don’t carry it around—not that you were looking for advice–though have noticed that folks seem to have a short memory when it comes to stuff like that–as well as not giving the same weight to it as the so-called ‘activist’—Also, think about if the roles were switched–in reverse–would you forever stereotype, judge and internally disassociate from said person whose politics disagreed from yours? Knowing what i feel I know about you, my guess is you’d respect and treat all at a very high level–no matter what. I feel the same can be true of this person—who is now about to be flooded with four days of incessant hype around shopping and Thanksgiving By Monday–all will be forgotten and/or dramatically diminished.


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