Cat’s Ears

20 Aug

Time stretches to hours, with nothing but a lazy turn to three quarters belly up.
Flick of the ears, dreaming of sleep, and crunchy mouse heads.
What have we done to you, descendant of panther leaping, panting in steamy undergrowth?
Prowling, pouncing for living, not sport?
Silky, thick coat for a covering, not a plaything, sensual toy for human hands.
Scat for a warning, a message, fertilizer, sustenance for beetles, not bagged and buried with soda bottles and styrofoam packaging.
Licking wounds, crawling off to die timely, not insured, medicated, buried in satin under a headstone, stuffed and mounted, or cryogenically preserved.
Substitute for offspring from human loins, soul called up by a well paid medium.
Go back to the jungle. Hunt, eat, rest, bear young, and die.
But the jungle has been cut, you are left on the bed, and the papers are signed and in the drawer.


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2 responses to “Cat’s Ears

  1. jdawgsrunningblog

    August 21, 2015 at 6:30 am

    LIke how you take a singular moment alone with your furry companion and turn into a micro-meditation on the pitfalls of domesticity in our global economy.


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